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Volume Surveys

Automated Engineering Technologies Ltd. (AET) is able to establish volumes for stockpile inventories, Cut / Fill Volumes at both tendering and construction stages, and volumes at various stages of a site or subdivision development.


During the tendering stage of a project, we can model the site to verify the Cut/Fill volumes. The existing ground and design information is digitized from either paper copy or from digital plans provided by the owner. This data is used to create a 3D model of the site. Cut / Fill volumes and contour plans are then generated.


Stockpile material is surveyed using total station and GPS survey instruments. Digital terrain models are created of the various stockpiles and volumes are calculated. These stockpile volumes can be completed on single piles or entire pits for month-end, year-end or per project for payment purposes. Results are returned within days of survey completion. On construction projects, this service has been used by both the contractor and the owner for payment purposes.

Automated Engineering Technologies Ltd. is a member of the Aggregate Producers' Association of Ontario providing topographic surveys, site mapping, and stockpile inventory surveys and volume calculations.

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